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NEW for 2016: Christmas Cards
Support Unique and raise awareness of the cause at the same time.....Three brand new Christmas card designs for this year plus reductions on designs from 2015. Click here to see and buy yours now.
New Information Guide to 2q13 Microduplications - Families Wanted!
We would very much like to hear from families with a "pure" 2q13 microduplication in order to gather information for a new guide we are preparing. This guide will only be about people with small duplications confined to 2q13 alone rather than those with larger duplications of 2q, with changes in different regions of chromosome 2 or with 2q13 microduplications accompanied by different chromosome disorders. Our registered families affected by 2q13 microduplications will be contacted directly but if you are not yet a member of Unique and have a 2q13 microduplication in your family and would like to know more about this new guide, please send an email to Of course, anyone with any rare chromosome disorder is very welcome to join Unique and should email for free membership.
Children with an extra sex chromosome
Professor Dorothy Bishop at Oxford University is in the final stages of a research study investigating the nature and consequences of an additional X or Y chromosome. She needs to recruit additional cases with triple X syndrome (trisomy X) aged between 5 and 16 years. Please click here for more information.
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